Special Offer

Special Offer

Want to make $200 AND help your practice out?

The answer to that question is probably pretty easy. Keep reading and we’ll describe what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how we can help.

The Offer

Recommend Draper Chiropractic Marketing to the doctor in charge of your practice. If they hire us to do your marketing, we’ll give you $200.

It’s pretty much that simple.

We can’t hand it to you immediately, of course. If someone signs up for a package with us and then leaves a month later, that doesn’t do us or them any good. We’ll pay you this referral bonus at the start of the third month of service. So basically, we’re just asking you to wait two months to receive the bonus.

But $200 is $200, right?

Why Are We Doing This?

We’ve been working with chiropractors for a while. We know how busy they are and know how responsive to emails they are (yeah… barely responsive at all). They usually either need one of two things to happen to be bothered to think about marketing.

  1. Something catastrophic, i.e. they’re search rankings disappear or they aren’t getting any new patients
  2. Someone else brings it to their attention and provides a solution

We hope nothing catastrophic has happened.

We’re sure you can see where you provide value, though. You talk to the doctor almost everyday. You’ve probably even talked to him or her about marketing at some point. That’s valuable to us and that’s why we’re willing to incentivize you.

You make the difference.

What Can We Do for Your Practice?

Pretty simply, we deliver more new traffic and leads than the practice has ever gotten.

We specialize in online marketing, specifically search engine optimization and online advertising campaigns. We can deliver better search engine rankings and more qualified leads via Adwords and other sources for less money.

We’ve helped other practices grow and we can help yours grow too.

And just think, when the practice grows, you’re probably getting a raise too.

Now What?

Either talk to your doctor and have him or her call or email us. Before that initial contact happens, you should contact us yourself.

We need to know who’s referring us so we can make a note and get you paid when the time comes.

You can call our president, Monty, direct at 323-791-3441 or email him at monty@draperchiropracticmarketing.com.

Alternatively, just fill out the form below and we’ll take care of everything.

Pretty simple and it’s a win-win-win. What could be better than that?

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